Our Washington, DC-based nonprofit has spent the past 20 years generating creative, politically savvy, technical and community-based solutions to improve the health of vulnerable populations and communities.  The organization brings policy, communication, education, and environmental change expertise to:
  1. Development of state nutrition policy plans and programs
  2. Development and implementation of training modules
  3. Building alliance and community outreach
  4. Advising on nutrition, health, and physical activity policies at the local and national levels
Our Work

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

The Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit pilot project established an active wellness ministry with a trained health coordinator in five DC faith-based institutions that implemented nutrition and physical activity curriculum.

Active Kids, Healthy Community

ABCD has worked to offer children and adults safe, affordable places to play through dialogues, advocacy, and working groups encouraging shared use of school facilities.

Healthy Ties that Bind

ABCD has established well-connected multidisciplinary teams citywide and ward-wide to make referrals across disciplines and preventive and clinical services.

Our Process

Coalition Building

ABCD has a team of experts and unites them directly with stakeholders to collaboratively reach solutions.

Community Focus

ABCD pursues public policy that is informed by intricate needs of the community and the realities of resources and politics.

Scientific Foundation

Staying current with the latest research, ABCD’s practices are rooted in science and evidence-based findings.

Negotiation and Resolution

Our associates are skilled in communication and have a perspective to understand the needs of stakeholders to assure that all concerns are being addressed and creatively resolved.


With an ability to step back and see the broader pictures, ABCD has proven to execute realistic, effective plans and programs that bring long-term, sustainable change.

Technical Advice

The visionary yet grounded team at ABCD offers professional expertise and innovative strategies that empower each community to prevent obesity and chronic diseases in children and their families.

Mobilizes Assets

ABCD marshals necessary resources, expertise, leadership, and policy-making to help organizations and communities achieve desired changes in health habits, policies and environment.