Retailers, faced with an ever-growing array of foods introduced on grocery shelves, have trouble responding to consumer questions. Where can they turn to for customer service questions and simple, healthy promotion ideas?


N. Chapman Associates, Inc. provides strategic communications support for the Soyfoods Association of North America’s efforts to educate on the health benefits and quality protein of soyfoods. As part of this comprehensive communication program, we maintain a strict adherence to science-based, well-executed research and we seek to work with professionals who follow the same standards. For years, we have partnered with registered dietitians, physicians and researchers, and in 2013, we began an effort to create a specific program that works with supermarket dietitians. Tapping in to this growing group of influencers is essential to reach consumers at point of purchase.

The Soyfoods Association partnered with Silk to sponsor the Oldways Retail Dietitian Symposium in 2014 with corporate and store RDs from every major chain in US and Canada who have large reach through point of sale displays, tours, newsletters and educational handouts.  Sharon Palmer, RD spoke during a 45-minute unopposed session on the science behind soy and health.  Small discussion groups with RDs gave Association staff time to talk to the dietitians about what they hear as consumer concerns, as well as distribute infographics and other myth busting materials. Through the Oldways Nutrition Exchange program, we were also able to create a series of seven digital resources for dietitians, retailers and health promoters to directly download. Some of these include: Savory Swaps with Soyfoods,  Myths About Soy, Deciphering the Code: Soy’s Simple Facts on Labeling,  Guys Get Heart Healthy with Soy.

We also work with dietitians at the corporate level or can work with a team of RDs from a grocery chain. In 2014, Nancy Chapman MPH, RD met with the entire retail dietitian team of more than 75 influencers at Wakefern – which owns ShopRite and Price Rite stores in the northeast U.S. – presenting them with the latest science and equipping them with messaging, materials, recipes, new products, and other resources to help promote and educate consumers on soyfoods. And, when Kroger launched its in-house soymilk, the Soyfoods Association worked closely with their retail dietitian to create a tagline, messaging, handout materials, and planning store demonstrations in over 50 stores.